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A Leamington group which provides life-saving medical supplies to Ukraine is continuing to appeal for donations as it prepares to make its 13th journey to provide aid to the country.

Medics to Medics has delivered supplies of life-saving and life-changing high-quality medical equipment to those in the most desperate need in Ukraine and is still looking for support to help those in the most vulnerable areas.

The group, based at a unit at the Squab Group in Harbury Lane, was launched by paramedic Kate Wilson just one day after the war began, and while the mother-of-three originally expected the conflict to be over in a matter of weeks, Medics to Medics is now preparing to make its 13th journey to the country in what has now become a life-long project.

Kate, supported by a small team of volunteers, began by donating supplies to aid contacts she already had in Ukraine.

Medics to Medics has since continued to raise funds to purchase specific supplies for military medics, field hospitals, general hospitals, maternity units and members of the public.

Kate said: “At the start of the conflict I gathered a small team of paramedic colleagues together and within just two-and-a-half weeks after it began, we handed over the first supplies.

“As soon as we returned I received a call asking when we could go back, and within three weeks we were out again delivering our second van-load of supplies.

“We didn’t have anywhere to store the supplies, so I contacted Squab who I had used previously for storage when moving house to ask if they could provide us with something short-term.

“They have been amazing and incredibly they gave us a unit for free, but after two months it was clear that we needed to rent a space from them on a more permanent basis because the conflict was far from over.

“In May 2022 I had a frank conversation with my husband about giving up my job in the NHS and becoming a private paramedic so that I wasn’t tied to shift patterns and could focus more of my time on Medics to Medics, it was very much a heart over head decision and one that I will never regret.

“As time has evolved, we now respond to specific requests from hospitals, front line medics and individuals in need.

“It’s a difficult task as the specialist medical supplies and surgical equipment need to be of the highest quality as they are being used to save lives, so we can’t risk them failing, but it means they can be very expensive, and for the most part we need donations of funds to fulfil these requests.

“The death toll in the country is also horrific, so one of the other things we are repeatedly asked for is body bags. This is one of the most devastating purchases we have to make.

“We are continuing to appeal for donations through our JustGiving page, but people can also contact our supplier directly to purchase items from our wish list that we are desperately in need of.

“This is a great way for donors to know exactly what they #have purchased and often we can track that donation right the way to its recipient.

“We have received an incredible amount of support, but sadly even more needs to be done to support those in need as this horrific conflict which is right on our doorstep continues.”

Alex Henney, a director of Squab, said: “Kate and the volunteers from Medics to Medics are doing an incredible job at supplying medical equipment to those most in need in Ukraine.

“It is amazing that 14 months on they are continuing to provide this specialist aid which is helping to save lives across the country, and we have been more than happy to provide them with our support.”

For further information and to donate, visit the Medics to Medics Facebook page, the JustGiving page or contact Nicola Maher, of Steroplast Healthcare – which is the Medics to Medics supplier, directly at 0161 902 3030.

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